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Hisam's Bot v 6.0

 Was Made By Hisam,
It Has Been Released During August 2004.

OporupBangla Script v 1.5

Was Made By AaKaL & Finest-Male,
It Has Been Released During December 2003.
OrB Script v 1.5 has fun popups, revenge kicks, auto colour, nice introduction, and a lot more stuffs. You will find out when you download it :)

OporupBangla Script v 2.0

Was Made By WizOfOz.
It Was Released During June 2004.
OrB Script v 2.0 got fun popups, channel protections, auto colour, PM Alert, seen engine, nick watcher, and a lot more :) You will see it when you download it

[X]cLuSiVe Script

Was Made By Sunny.
This script is basically a flooding script :)

More scripts coming soon at :)

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