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Well, hey!
The visitors of K9R1M - AKA CrrAAAzzzzYYYYY, you guys just enter the about page.
Technically, it will be more like a history.
You know what? It will be more like question & answer..
There are many things interesting about me...
Who is K9R1M?
K9R1M is Hisam. Technically, my name may sound like this "His-am" but it isn't because the real way to sound my name is "Hish-am". Although Hisam is just for short. The full name for my first name is Hisamul. If your wondering what does K9R1M stand for... then it is Karim. My full name is Hisamul Karim Chodhury.
When was K9R1M born?
K9R1M was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A peaceful city where there isn't anything to be worried about. My date of birth is March 4, 1990.
In order to find out my age, just use this formula below...:
Whatever The Year Is - The Year I Was Born = My Age
I.E.: 2004 - 1990 = 14
Where does K9R1M normally hang around ?
Technically, from Monday to Friday you will surely see me around Villa Maria because my school is base on that location. During Friday, After 5 p.m., I normally hang around at Plamondon or Cote-Des-Neige. During Saturday, I normally hang around in Jean Talon or Parc Extension. During Sunday, I normally hang around in Mont Royal or McGill.
What is K9R1M's culture, nationality, & religion?
K9R1M's culture is 75% Bengali, 12.5% American, & 12.5% British. My nationality is Canadian. I technically consider myself my own country as Canada rather then Bangladesh because I was born in Canada. I do respect the tradition & the culture of Bangladesh and I surely do follow those style. The visitors of this site might be wondering why am I 12.5% American & 12.5% British. I am 12.5% American because in my mom side, I got many cousins which are half American & half Bengali. I also got many cousins which are half Bengali & half British. Although our religion is Muslim. In my dad side, I got like few cousins which are half Bengali & half British. Therefore I am considered as 12.5% American & 12.5% British.
The rest of my family members are Bengali.
What is K9R1M's favourite stuffs?
Basically, my favourite music is hindi, remixes, raps, & bhangras. I always keep a collection of musics. Without music, I can't survive. I just got to hear it always, 24/7 because music is life to me. My favourite foods is Italien, Chinese, Desi, & Canadien. I normally drink softdrinks rarely. Without softdrinks, I can't survive. I'm addicted to softdrinks. My favourite sports is football tackle & murder. Not football as in what UK people called it. Football tackle is more like rugby. Murder isn't a game where you just take a gun and murder them down on the street, just to notify you... My favourite hobbies is talk with girls, go online on MSN, downloading songs, watching sattlelite & DVD movies, playing sports, & taking pictures of myself.
Other informations about K9R1M?
- My height is about 5"9 to 5"11, around that range.
- I may look older then I am, I don't know how old but I am very young.
- People may considered my age very young but when I'm up in front of them, face-to-face, they will surely recieved a message.
- If you ever see me, you may think I am serious or I'm into gangs but you know what? I'm not into those stuffs but I'm just simple man.
- The word "nigga" doesn't suit me at all. The reason being it doesn't suit me because I'm not black nor I don't look like black. Whenever someone just say "nigga" to me I would be telling them "Do I look like nigga?" Then they would surely reply me by saying no. Then I just tell them "Shut the fuck up, fuck-face". Therefore nobody calls me "nigga".
- Remember one thing, I can be " The Man " of anything. I can even over-rule, if I have to. Whenever I over-rule someone because I got vex.

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